“Collect, Understand and Publish”: A Workshop on Qualitative Research in STEM Education

Topic : “Collect, Understand and Publish”
Date : July 7, 2022.
Time : 13.00 – 16.30 PM

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This invited workshop aims to encourage the participants to do qualitative (or, non-positivistic) research in STEM Education. The workshop discusses different types of research, how they differ in their nature and how various ways of doing research can give results of different characters. Particularly, the workshop will discuss qualitative research, which often is based on data in the form of words, for example collected through interviews, the participants’ own stories or observations. The different stages of a qualitative research project (to collect data, to analyze it (or understand it), and to publish) will be discussed.

During most of the workshop, the participants will work practically with data. After the workshop the participants will be capable of seeing the relevance of qualitative research projects and initialize their own qualitative research projects.


Anders Berglund
Associate Professor in Computing Education Research Uppsala University, Sweden
Anders focus is on using rigorous, theoretically sound research methods to explore different ways in which students learn computing. Much of his research, as well as his teaching, takes place in diverse cultural environments.
Jake Reardon
EU Project Manager University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. 
Jake studied Dramatic Arts, Chemistry and Higher Education in the United States, and worked as a college adviser, helping students with less access to resources. He has now his focus to include support for college students, staff and faculty, supporting a number of international projects in Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa

Mats Daniels
Professor in Computing Education Research Uppsala University, Sweden 
Mats main research interest is the area of developing and accessing professional competencies in international collaboration settings for computing and engineering students.

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