Online Speaker
Prof. Mattias Lindahl
Environmental Technology and Management,
Department of Management and Engineering,
Linköping University

Topic: A sustainable future: Eco-design and Product Service Systems (PSS)

Professor Mattias Lindah's topic is Ecodesign and Product Service Systems (PSS) in cooperation with companies. He would share his experience through the lens of the chairman of the Swedish committee and the leading technical expert for the ISO 14006 (2001) EcoDesign standard.
On-site Speaker
Prof. Jay K. Rosengard
Director of the Harvard University Thai Studies Program
Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation,
Harvard Kennedy School

Topic: Public Policy, Economics and Higher education

Professor Jay K. Rosengard will speak about designing Public Policy, Economics, and Higher education in Thailand. His topic covers the role and size of the public sector, e.g., What should be the role of government in Economics and Higher education? How should Public Policy be designed for Thailand?
Prof. Hang Lee
Department of Business Administration,
College of Management,
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Topic: Technology Innovation and Education Reform

Professor Hang Lee will discuss her topic "Technology Innovation and Education Reform" from two angles: (1) the opportunities and challenges of education arising from technology innovation and (2) the social issues caused by technology innovation to which the education system should pay attention.