Keynote Speaker I :
Title:"Programming Education for Primary School Children"


Our programming education activities at public primary schools in the last five years are briefly shown. Several courses linked with course units in science were developed, so that they are useful not only for programming study, but also to enhance understanding the corresponding course units. Total 1108 children in 8 public primary schools participated. From comprehension tests and questionnaire surveys we see that computational thinking has been enhanced through our activities.


 Akinori Nishihara

Professor Akinori Nishihara

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Akinori Nishihara received his B.E., M.E. and Dr. Eng. degrees in electronics from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1973, 1975 and 1978,respectively.  Since 1978 he has been with Tokyo Institute of Technology. After his retirement in March 2016 he works for Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research(HAPPIER), Tokyo Institute of Technology as Specially Appointed Professor, where his main duty is training of young faculty. His research interests are in signal processing and educational technology. He published more than 300 technical papers in refereed international journals and conferences.  He received IEICE Best Paper Award in 1999, IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 2000, Distinguished Service Award for IEEE Student Activities in 2006, Tokyo Tech Best Teacher Award in 2009, Tokyo Tech Best Engineering Teacher Award in 2013, IEEE Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award in 2015, Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2016, and IEICE Excellent Educational Practices Award in 2017. He served on many committees/boards in IEEE, IEICE, etc., and is now serving as IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific Region) Director-Elect, 2017-2018.  He is an IEEE Life Fellow, an IEICE Fellow, and a member of APSIPA and JSET.



Keynote Speaker II :
Title: "APEC STEM Education for Economic Growth: Focusing on Curriculum Development, Teacher Education, and STEAM and Women"


Education has a key role for the long term development of future human capital. In 2016, APEC Educational Ministers encouraged APEC member economies to work together to adapt the scope and style of pedagogical practices, including those that will encourage increased participation in STEM studies. STEM education is a necessary reform of education to establish scientifically and technologically literate population and increase government-industry-academia collaboration for sustainable development of APEC economies. In 2016, APEC leaders also agreed to strengthen women and girls' access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. This three one-year project reply to those demands on the topics: Curriculum (2018), Teacher Education (2019), further issues on Arts and Applied Math (STEAM) and women (2020).


Assoc. Prof. Maitree Inprasitha

Khon Kaen University, Thailand


Maitree Inprasitha is an associate professor for Mathematics Education Program at the Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. He holds Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of Tsukuba, Japan. His main research focus and publications revolve in Mathematics Education and teaching style of Lesson Study and Open Approach. He is among the first group of Thailand’s educators tackling the issues of mathematics teaching and learning. He was invited to be a visiting researcher at Naruto University of Education in 2005 and at the University of Tsukuba in 2007. 


Dr. Inprasitha has been overseeing the APEC Lesson Study series since 2006 until present. He was an IPC for EARCOME in 2007-2013 and Advisory board in 2015. He is currently an ICMI representative of Thailand. In 2015, he is a chief editor of Mathematics Education Book Series 3: Lesson Study: Challenges in Mathematics Education. He is currently an IPC of ICMI Study 23: Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Number. At national level, he has been overseeing many national projects implementing Lesson Study in schools. He established the Center for Research in Mathematics Education, first in Thailand, and this center became a part of National Center of Excellence in Mathematics.He also established Institute for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN (IRDTP ASEAN) in 2014. Dr. Inprasitha has been regularly invited as speaker and moderator for international conferences, especially among APEC countries.


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