Workshop (Flipped Classroom Startup)

Associate Professor Dr. Preecha Kocharoen
Faculty of Engineering, Sripatum University




 June 6,2016 15:00 – 17:30

Flipped Classroom Startup Learning Techniques
 (Download Filpped Classrom Startup .pdf )

        Ideas and actions arising from the two teachers in the United States, Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams, who have written the techniques and approaches book for teaching titled Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day. The material in the book, both teachers want to help low-ability students in their class who are unable to keep up with friends or other students who miss classes. One of the concepts that both teachers suggest is to provide valuable time for students by taking the time to convert learning content into essential knowledge that is linked to real life. To convert learning content effectively, it is necessary to get help from teachers. If students have learned in class from teaching, then they take the learnt knowledge back home and sometime students may not convert learning contents correctly. On the other hand, the filpped classroom startup, teachers use ICT e.g. screencast video of them teaching the learning content which is taught in regular classes and then puts it on the Internet or online. The online screencast videos allow students to learn outside the classroom with the ability to repeat or pause the video if they don’t understand. Some learning topics that students don’t understand clearly, they can take notes and then ask the teacher during the class time. In the class, the students do not need to take the time to learn the subject since the study was done before. Classroom time can be used as a greater value to students. Teachers can process learning activities appropriate to the abilities of students so that it’s tailored to student’s individual abilities. In addition, learners with different abilities would be able to learn at their own speed. Students who learn slowly are grouped and get attention. Teacher teach the class with the same speed and the same content, students who learn slower or are absent will not be able to catch up on classes. A filpped classroom startup technique used in conjunction with a traditional teaching approach could allow teachers to operate and guide creative classroom activities that fit each student.

        This workshop introduces teaching techniques by using a filpped classroom startup and ICT. The objectives of this workshop are 1) to introduce teaching techniques by using a filpped classroom startup and social network 2) to demonstrate how to prepare learning and teaching materials before class begin and 3) to demonstrate how to implement filpped classroom startup with ICT.

Flipped Classroom Startup Workshop: iSTEM-Ed 2016 consists of :

  1. Introduction to Flipped Classroom
  2. How do we flip our classes ?
  3. How do we make pre-class VDOs ?
  4. How do we post our VDOs on-line ?
  5. How do we facilitate our classes with ICT ?