Presenter Toolkit

Presenter Tool Kit

Oral Presentations Instruction

1. Get opportunity of meeting the Chair of your session before the session starts to inform him/her of the correct pronunciation of your name, to request any special presentation facilities, and to listen to the useful instructions, etc.

2. Only electronic projection facilities will be providedYou must transfer your presentation from USB memory stick to the computer to be used for projection in advance (ie., during the break) before your session starts. A projection technician will be available to help with this task.  

3. If you require using your own computer, please inform the projection technician in the room of your presentation in advance and make sure that your computer matches the projection facilities.

4. Use the most recent version of PowerPoint available to you. The computers to be used for presentation will be PC’s loaded with the Microsoft XP operating system with Microsoft Office 2003. You should check your presentation on a PC before you leave for the conference to ensure compatibility of special characters (bullets, symbols, non-English characters etc).

5. It is your responsibility as an author to ensure your presentation will accurately display. Make sure that there is no problem with special fonts from your language.

6. In general, only 20 minutes, inclusive of questions and discussion, are available for a standard oral presentation. Duration for Plenary papers and papers in the Special Invited sessions may be different as being announced in the Program. 

7. For more information or if you need any assistant, please feel free to contact the help desk.

It should be noted that if the oral presentation is not completely fulfilled or if the author in the poster session is not shown, the paper will be automatically withdrawn from appearing in the conference proceedings.


Poster Presentations Instruction

1. All posters need to be on display in the scheduled 2-hours poster session. The presenters need to prepare and remove their posters within 15 minutes before and after each Poster Section, respectively.

2. Posters are allocated a posting board: dimensions of 1.0 m wide by 2.0 m high. Materials needed to mount posters on the board will be provided at the poster area.

3. Posters may be prepared as one large page or several smaller pages.

4. Each poster should be headed by the title, the name of the authors, and their affiliations. Text should be kept to a minimum, and all lettering should be clearly legible from a distance of one meter.

It should be noted that if the paper is not presented and the presenter is not at their poster, it will be automatically withdrawn from appearing in Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology (TIJSAT).